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Today's cannabis isn't yesterday's weed.


The best marijuana once known as "kind bud" has come a long way. Now we call it cannabis and in lots of places it’s legal. As the market emerges, new brands and products are developing with all kinds of health benefits. But which kind matters…


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Whether you want to know more about cannabis for your own personal use or your business, The Kind Matters offers various learning opportunities so you can make the best choices and use responsibly…



Legally doctors can only tell you so much, and budtenders solely rely on their personal experience. If you don't want to approach cannabis like an experimental teen giving into peer pressure and using whatever someone tells you, that's where cannabis coaching comes in...



The legalization of cannabis has a whole other meaning for mental health and addiction professionals. While professional organization haven't reached a clear consensus about cannabis legalization, you'll soon be faced by clients who are actively and legally using cannabis (if you haven't already.) Are you prepared to support these clients? 



Cannabis consumers are having difficulty with the buying process given a lack of consistency and/or quality of the new and ever-changing wide variety of assorted cannabis products and services. Get daily emails to know where The Kind Matters each day.



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