"None of us is as smart as all of us."

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Growing up in the 70s & 80s, Laura Geftman has fond memories of Nancy Reagan’s War on Drugs and everyone including Bill Cosby, Pee Wee Herman, and the Ninja Turtles telling us to “Just Say No.” After starting her career coordinating productions involving celebrity talent and prestigious director for some of the world’s largest high-profile consumer advertisers, Laura had a change of heart and career. She worked on breaking stigma around mental health, and supporting clients to create and maintain positive change as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She specialized on aiding people get clean and stay sober in the addiction/recovery industry- including marijuana cessation. 

Though Laura was greatly skeptical about the benefits and legalization of cannabis, she found herself moving to California where it was widely accepted and soon thereafter legalized for both medical and recreational use. Laura had no choice but to think twice…  After much research, she recognized cannabis for its multitude of uses, and how it’s contributing to the ever changing landscape of healthcare. She has come to believe cannabis will be the answer to opioid epidemic and so much more.

The Kind Matters came about as a product of the research Laura did that changed her mind about cannabis. It's the transformation from being an overly educated former addiction specialist who had focused her career to help people stop using marijuana and other substances to someone who has taken to it. She knew her experiences in marketing, advertising and social services could lend themselves to a CannaBusiness.

Coaching provides individuals with the support and psycho-education they’ll need to use cannabis. Consulting is a resource for professionals. While TheKind.Today will help consumers navigate the cannabis industry and provide an avenue for business to build brand awareness. Sign up now!

The Kind Team

 The inaugural class of The Kind Coaching program will soon be graduating! More info about our coaches soon... 

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