The legalization of cannabis has a whole other meaning for mental health and addiction professionals. While professional organization haven't reached a clear consensus about cannabis legalization, you'll soon be faced by clients who are actively and legally using cannabis (if you haven't already.) Are you prepared to support these clients? 


New research and the legal use of cannabis challenges much of what mental health professionals have been practicing. There's some peer reviewed information out there but not the library of info you're used to. If you need support treating clients, we offer supervision on case-by-case and ongoing basis. Contact us for more information.

Speaking / Training

The legalization of cannabis is a massive change for mental health practitioners to embrace in our practices and as it will apply to our clients. We must educate ourselves about cannabis to create effective communication to build trusting relationships with your clients. We offer professional development opportunities for continued education and organizational speaking engagements. Popular topics are: 

  • Cannabis (Not Marijuana) 101: Knowing the Basics
  • Addiction No More: Assessing Clients' Cannabis Use
  • Puff, Puff, Don't Pass: How to Work with Therapy Clients Using Cannabis

Contact us to inquire about customized workshops and speaking fees.

Online Workshops

Online video guides geared towards teaching cannabis fundamentals coming soon! Contact us if there are certain topics would like to see covered!